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At St Saviour's Church of England Junior School, staff help keep children safe and well by:

  • helping them learn about their personal safety
  • being a trusted adult who children may turn to for help, and who will take them seriously
  • identifying when children may need help
  • understanding the steps that must be taken when there are concerns for children's safety and well-being

Our school helps keep children safe and well because:

  • we have a caring school ethos that helps children feel respected
  • we have staff who are available and accessible to provide help
  • safety is a priority and is specifically taught through the curriculum
  • children are provided with the knowledge, skills and values they need to choose and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • children are given access to information about child support services such as ChildLine

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mr Bonell.  Mr Arnold and Mrs Tift are also Designated Safeguarding Leads (including online safety).  

During the school holidays, if you are concerned about a child please contact the Social Services Front Door Team on 03000 411 111 - this is for urgent cases, where there is a significant risk of harm.  If you are a social worker and need to contact a DSL during school holidays, please email, in term time please contact the school in the usual way.

Please see our 'Links for Parents' page - under the 'Parents' tab for resources relating to safeguarding.

All safeguarding policies are in the 'Policies' section under the 'Key Information' tab of our home page.


For all safeguarding policies, please see our 'Policies' page under the 'Working Together' tab on the home page.

Online safety work, February. Year 3 have been learning how to keep information private. Year 6 have been learning how to navigate and stay safe when using social media

One page guidance for visitors to St. Saviour's on safeguarding