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School Uniform

We are proud of our school uniform.  You child should wear the school colours of green and white.  Most children wear a green school fleece, cardigan or sweatshirt along with a white shirt or a white or green polo shirt and grey trousers or skirt.  In summer girls also wear green / white check dresses.  School uniform can be bought from the National Schoolwear Centre on Addington Street in Margate.

Children may wear watches but no jewellery such as bracelets, bangles, wristbands or necklaces may be worn.  Earrings are permitted (small studs only) but must be removed for P.E and swimming.  Please bear in mind that children do lose belongings from time to time so please avoid any expensive items of clothing or jewellery.  Children are not allowed to bring toys into school as they are frequently lost, argued over and can distract from learning.  The school will not take responsibility for prohibited items.


Children will also need a P.E kit comprising of a plain white t-shirt or a plain white t-shirt with school logo, black or navy blue shorts, plimsolls (indoors) and trainers (outdoors).  Football tops are not permitted.  Tracksuits may be worn outdoors during cold weather  It is essential that children have a complete P.E kit each day in school and that it is stored in a named P.E bag.


All clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name.  The school uniform shop sells ‘laundry pens’ to write names onto labels but sewn-in labels are less likely to fade.  We collect large amounts of un-named lost clothing each term, lost clothing is much more likely to find its way back to you if it is labelled.



Children can wear black 'polishable' shoes.  Black trainers are not acceptable, if in doubt, please check with me before spending your hard-earned money on footwear which is not uniform.  Black or white socks.  School shoes need to be safe, please ensure shoes do not have raised heels or soles.  Please do not buy shoes with gaudy or ostentatious decoration (colourful bows, gold buckles etc.) or coloured socks other than black or white.



Please avoid extreme styles such as shaved sides with a very long 'top', top knots and dyed hair.  Please do not send children in with shaved 'tram lines' and other designs.  Please check with me if in doubt, before the trip to the barbers!