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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school for 2020 - 2021:

Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher: Mr N. Bonell (Designated Safeguarding Lead (including Online safety) and Health & Safety lead)

Deputy Headteacher: Mr J. Arnold (AEN Manager - SENCO, Deputy DSL)

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs S. Tift (Deputy DSL)
Leader of Learning / English Subject Leader: Miss L. Clark 

Year 6 Team

Miss L. Stiff: Year Group Leader

Miss C. Hayes: Class Teacher

Mr H. Stevens: Class Teacher

Mrs J. Gray:  Set Teacher

Miss G. Curran: Teaching Assistant

Mr B. Whitehead: Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Dally: Teaching Assistant



Year 5 Team

Mrs N. Coot: Year Group Leader (maternity from Term 5, Mrs Tift will be acting Year Group Leader)

Miss L. Clarke:  Class / Set Teacher

Miss S. Hudson:  Class Teacher, Science and ICT Subject Leader

Mrs K. Grabiec and Mrs L. Kirkaldie: Class teachers (Job Share)

Mrs S.Tift: Set Teacher and Assistant Headteacher

Mrs S. Theobald-Grainger: Assistant Family Liaison Officer / Teaching Assistant

Mrs M. Gardner: Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Alliston: Teaching Assistant



Year 4 Team

Miss C. Hetterley: Year Group Leader

Miss L. Joy: Class Teacher

Miss vanPoppel: Class Teacher then Miss H. Wickens maternity cover
Mrs N. Harding: Set Teacher

Miss A. Gillatt: Teaching Assistant 

Mrs T. Edwards: Teaching Assistant



Year 3 Team

Mrs T. Cook:  Year Group Leader

Mr D. Price: Class Teacher

Miss M. Aktar:  Class Teacher
Mrs A. Tyler: Set Teacher

Mrs T. Richardson: Teaching Assistant

Mrs A. Ditchburn: Teaching Assistant

Mrs L. Raisebeck: Teaching Assistant

Miss L. Drummond: Teaching Assistant

Mr B. Blackgrove: One to One Medical Support



Pupil Support Staff (non-class based)

Mr A. Bailey: Sports Coach
Mrs S. Dudley: Spanish Teacher

Mrs V. Biggs: Family Liaison Officer & Extended Schools Manager

Mrs S. Theobald-Grainger: Assistant Family Liaison Officer

Mrs K. Morland: IT Network Manager
Mrs E. Veck: Library Assistant

Midday Supervisors

Mrs T. Edwards
Ms K. Alliston
Mrs M. Gardner

Mrs T. Richardson

Mr B. Whitehead

Mr T. Bailey

Mrs A. Ditchburn

Mrs J. Dally


Office Team

Mrs S. Sandwell: Bursar

Mrs W. Hearn: Administrative Officer

Premises Team

Mr D. Jordan: Premises Officer

Mrs Pettit, Mr Galt, Ms Mellin and Mrs Waller: Cleaners