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Meet the staff at our school for 2020 - 2021:

Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher: Mr N. Bonell (Designated Safeguarding Lead (including Online safety)

Deputy Headteacher: Mr J. Arnold (AEN Manager - SENCO, Deputy DSL)

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs S. Tift (Deputy DSL)
Leader of Learning / English Subject Leader: Miss L. Clark 

Year 6 Team

Miss L. Stiff: Year Group Leader

Miss S. Hudson:  Class Teacher, Science and ICT Subject Leader

Mr H. Stevens and Mrs J. Gray: Class Teachers (Job Share)

Mrs S.Tift: Set Teacher and Assistant Headteacher

Miss K. Bowmont:  Teaching Assistant

Mr B. Whitehead: Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Dally: Teaching Assistant



Year 5 Team

Miss C. Hayes: Year Group Leader 

Miss L. Joy: Class Teacher

Mrs A. Ditchburn: Trainee

Mrs K. Grabiec and Mrs L. Kirkaldie: Class teachers (Job Share)

Miss L. Clarke:  Class / Set Teacher

Mr J. White: Additional Set Teacher

Mrs S. Theobald-Grainger: Assistant Family Liaison Officer / Teaching Assistant

Miss G. Curran: Teaching Assistant

Mrs M. Gardner: Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Alliston: Teaching Assistant



Year 4 Team

Miss C. Hetterley: Year Group Leader

Miss H. Wickens: Class Teacher

Miss vanPoppel and Mr D.Price Job share: Class Teachers 
Mrs N. Harding: Set Teacher

Miss A. Gillatt: Teaching Assistant 

Miss L. Drummond: One to One medical support

Mrs M. Brown: One to One language support

Ms  S. Hancock: One to One Medical Support




Year 3 Team

Miss M. Aktar:  Year Group Leader

Mrs T. Cook:  Class Teacher

Ms C. Wilson: Class Teacher

Mrs A. Tyler: Set Teacher

Mrs T. Richardson: Teaching Assistant

Mrs L. Raisebeck: Teaching Assistant

Mrs T. Edwards: Teaching Assistant



Pupil Support Staff (non-class based)

Mr A. Bailey: Sports Coach
Mrs S. Dudley: Spanish Teacher

Mrs V. Biggs: Family Liaison Officer & Extended Schools Manager

Mrs S. Theobald-Grainger: Assistant Family Liaison Officer

Mrs K. Morland: IT Network Manager
Mrs E. Veck: Library Assistant

Midday Supervisors

Mrs T. Edwards
Ms K. Alliston
Mrs M. Gardner

Mrs T. Richardson

Mr B. Whitehead

Mr T. Bailey

Mrs J. Dally


Office Team

Mrs S. Sandwell: Bursar

Mrs W. Hearn: Administrative Officer

Premises Team

Mr D. Jordan: Premises Officer

Mr M. Joyce: Assistant Premises Officer

Mrs Pettit, Mr Galt, Ms Mellin and Mrs Waller: Cleaners